Covid-19 Informations

Hospitality in Safety

Dear Guest,

aware of the uncertainties and repercussions suffered by all of us in recent months, at the Hotel Restaurant Baga Baga we have joined forces, innovating to welcome safely.
From every crisis comes the ability to adapt and the renewal passes through our commitment to guarantee the health and safety of You and our Staff, both in the Hotel and in the Restaurant.

By following and respecting the safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization , we are also sure with your contribution, we will be able to offer you a peaceful and relaxing stay, making you always feel at ease.

Our luck is to find us in a place that is never crowded or busy, since Baga Baga is located in an isolated area surrounded by hectares by the Mediterranean bushes. In addition, our hotel consists of only 10 rooms, all with independent entrances, thus offering zero possibilities for gatherings.

To offer the security you are looking for and convey the serenity you need, we have reviewed the various aspects that make up our hospitality.

Staff Training.
All our staff, from the hotel to the restaurant, were trained by participating in specific training courses which investigate the risks deriving from the spread of the virus and what safety measures must be implemented to reduce the possibility of contagion.

Your Safe Arrival.
We know how much the moment dedicated to hospitality plays a delicate role for the birth of the relationship of trust between the Guest and the Structure itself.
Upon your arrival at the reception you will find a sanitizing gel dispenser, the staff at the reception will always wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and the check-in operations will be performed as quickly as possible, unless they want to hold you back to organize your stay and receive all the necessary information.

The Common Areas.
We kindly ask you to dress the mask in the common areas, or in the hall / reception and inside the breakfast room or in the passageway in the restaurant. While outdoors it will be possible not to wear the mask, always taking into account and respecting the intrapersonal distancing with the other Guests and the Staff.

The breakfast.
Our sweet and savory buffet has always been highly appreciated, but for this season the service has been reorganized and breakfast will be served directly at the table. During the check-in phases you will be given a menu in which we ask you to highlight what you most want to find for breakfast.

The Cleaning and Sanitizing of the Rooms.
In addition to traditional cleaning and sanitization, the sanitization of rooms and surfaces has been added, through the use of specific certified products indicated in the guidelines. The frequency with which the air conditioner filters are cleaned and sanitized has also increased, with the use of suitable disinfectant products.
All linen, from sheets to towel sets, is supplied sanitized by an external company that operates according to the new guidelines.

The Restaurant.
In our restaurant you can sit and eat without worries, since we guarantee you a precise and attentive service; Our staff in charge of table service will wear the classic mask and the distance between the tables is respected. Sitting at the table you will not find the classic paper menu to browse, but a tag with a QR Code printed to be scanned with your smartphone in order to view and order our proposals.

Swimming Pool Sanitization.
Even in the area adjacent to the swimming pool, the distance between the deckchairs and umbrellas has been guaranteed, and to offer greater safety, we advise you not to change your position often. Here too, in the early morning all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized.

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