Activities and Excursions

At Baga Baga we will be happy to advise how to enrich your holiday with experiences and sensations.

If you love History and Nature there is a place that can offer you both in one trip, this is the Asinara Island National Park; here particular historical events have determined a unique case in the Mediterranean: from a fishing island to a hospital, from a prison camp of the First World War to a maximum security prison, up to the establishment of the National Park.

Visiting Asinara today means truly immersing yourself in history, sometimes tragic in places, but which become testimony to human work and demonstration of how Nature has the power to reclaim its spaces. You can decide to visit it on board an off-road vehicle accompanied by highly trained guides or from the deck of a catamaran, sailing along the east coast, or by bicycle in complete autonomy.

If the sea is your element, you can rent a boat or an inflatable boat to sail along the cliffs and coves hidden from most, anchoring for a refreshing dip or a fishing trip.
You can paddle in a kayak and canoe, and every mile of the rugged coast from Bosa to Alghero, from Stintino to Porto Torres from Castelsardo to Santa Teresa di Gallura, will amaze you by showing ancient coastal towers, curious twisted rocks, small and extensive tongues of sand and their unique colors.
If you are a lover of environmental tourism-nature and bird watching, we recommend a guided boat excursion that will allow you to go up the Coghinas River for about 7 km, to discover the flora and fauna that embellish the waters and the banks of this naturalistic oasis.
Throughout the North of the Island there is no shortage of diving and snorkeling centers to contact to be accompanied by skilled and experienced marine guides below the surface, to discover unique diving spots, including caves, corals, wrecks and prairies of Posidonia.
If you have chosen to travel slow, your passion is the bicycle and you are in one of the most suitable places to ride your kilometers. Whether you are a cycle-traveler, an amateur or a professional, you can pedal along the paths and coastal roads or gain altitude by discovering the mountainous interior where you can enjoy little traffic, good road quality, but above all a territory varied and never monotonous.
You are in the Island of the Wind, and when the Mistral blows the whole north becomes an adrenaline-filled experience where you can cultivate your passion or make it become one, by taking part in Windsurfing, Surfing, Sup, Wake Board, Kitesurfing lessons.
If your element is the air, not far from Castelsardo you can hover with the paraglider, in a tandem flight accompanied by expert instructors, to tell Sardinia from an unusual point of view.
If you do not want to give up training even on vacation, at the nearby Valledoria there is the Golf Club "La Foce", a 9-hole circuit, where you can participate in courses with a qualified teacher or book your green fee.

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